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Now, the ultimate Christmas Book!!

As you probably know by now, each year I like to put out at least one Christmas book.

And this year is no exception.  However, this year's Christmas book is the ultimate Christmas book!  Year of the Lord is a book about the birth of Jesus.

It’s the year 3754 by the old Hebrew calendar as the Magi cast their eyes to the sky to see the announcement of the coming birth of a king.  In this romanticized account of the birth of Jesus, we get a feel for the lives of those who lived the event that forever changed our world.  Although this is a fictional account about Mary and Joseph, and the people of that time, it is based on the historical and Biblical writings concerning one possible timeline.  This story’s events stay true to the events as described in the Bible.

Now available direct from this website:

Pastors and Teachers can now order a study guide for this book at no charge!!

Simply go to the "contact" page and ask for a master to copy.  Make as many as you want for your class or group to use.

The World of Phyllis Clark

Now you can see the places that Phyllis has been to.  See what Phyllis and Benjamin see.

Jest click on Phyllis's wold below.

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