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Books for Christmas

Year of the Lord

It’s the year 3754 by the old Hebrew calendar as the Magi cast their eyes to the sky to see the announcement of the coming birth of a king.  In this romanticized account of the birth of Jesus, we get a feel for the lives of those who lived the event that forever changed our world.  Although this is a fictional account about Mary and Joseph, and the people of that time, it is based on the historical and Biblical writings concerning one possible timeline.  This story’s events stay true to the events as described in the Bible.

Riegert's Regrets
The Old Candle Shop 6

The past and future collide when billionaire J. Orlando Riegert returns home to the Village to find out why all of his money leaves him unsatisfied.  The sixth, and perhaps strangest of all the Candle Shop stories.

Phyllis Clark: G. M. in the PM

It's Christmas time in Chicago and everyone loves to settle down for the cold winter nights with a glass of good Gran Marquis brandy and listen to their favorite radio personality, Grant Marlow, play soft Christmas music and read poems.  Everyone except his stalker, that is.  It's Phyllis' job to keep him alive, except he won't cooperate.  Will he live until Christmas?
Published October 2022


Christmas Adventure

The High Holy Moly of the Scallywags discovers that the followers of King Dort have forgotten the true meaning of Christmas. The King sends his trusted knight, Sir Nerdeldinger the Second, to find the true meaning in the cave of reflections.

Published October 2019


The Old Candle Shop 3

Alan, at age seven is frightened by the image of a girl his age ice skating in one of the candles in The Old Candle Shop. He becomes even more afraid when Peter Mitchel tells him that it was real and what he has seen will change his life.

As time goes by, he comes to believe that a girl that he meets in college is the one he saw in the candle.

But is she too good to be real?

Or is she Magic?

Published July 2020

Phyllis Clark:

Dead for Christmas

An old adversary of Philip’s has promised to make him “dead for Christmas”. When the man is released from prison, just before Christmas, Captain O’Malley fears for Philip’s life. After an unsuccessful attempt is made on Philip’s life, the villain goes after Phyllis.

Published September 2020

Phyllis Clark

and the

Demon's ​Christmas

Dr. Weatherby and his assistant Benjamin Attlee visit Phyllis for Christmas. Phyllis is happy to see Benjamin, but soon finds out that the real reason for the visit is related to the finding of the Devil's Scepter the summer before. With the help of Philip Clark and Captain Sean O'Malley of the Chicago police department, they race to stop a Demon from entering the world using the old Chicago underground rail system.

Published October 2019


Phyllis Clark; Misdirection

At the beginning of the Christmas Season, a group of people are gunned down in downtown Chicago. The police believe that it was the work of terrorists, but a reporter believes that it was done by hit-men to cover a murder. The Clarks are hired to investigate.
Published September 2021

Adonai, The Old Candle Shop 4

Carter Henderson is the manager of the Old Village Mall. In some ways he is a Scrooge like man. He does, however, take part in Christmas, but only because of its financial benefits. He’s basically happy with his life until one night the ghost of his great grandfather visits him.

Seeking advice from people at Peter’s Pub, he is told to go to the old candle shop for answers. When he walks into the back room of the Candle Shop and finds a candle that has a moonlit night scene in it, he is mystically drawn into the candle’s scene. He finds that he is still in the same location, but he has been transported back in time to the dawn of creation. Very confused, he is now met by the shop’s owner, Adonai. He eventually understands the advice of his great grandfather and reappraises his life. This is not a retelling of Dickens’ Christmas Carol, but rather, a totally new story with a host Biblical references.

Published October 2020

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