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List of all books​

Joy in Life Series

Joy in Life--December 2017

Looking at the Rainbow--December 2017

Sweeter Than Candy--March 2018

I Never Loved Cheryl--March 2018

A Taste of Brandy--July 2020


Old Candle Shop Series

The Old Candle Shop--September 2018

Kathy’s Dream – Old Candle Shop 2--October 2019

Magic – Old Candle Shop 3--July 2020

Old Candle Shop 4 – Adonai--October 2020

The Old Candle Shop 5 - Dream Girls--September 2021

Riegert's Regrets - The Old Candle Shop 6--September 14, 2023


Phyllis Clark Detective Series

Phyllis Clark and the Devil’s Scepter--October 2018

Phyllis Clark and the Teacher’s Pet--October 2019

Phyllis Clark and the Demon’s Christmas--October 2019

Phyllis Clark and the Demon Cult--March 2020

Phyllis Clark and the Emerald Isle--March 2020

Phyllis Clark: Sins of Savanna--July 2020

Phyllis Clark: Posies and Pistols--September 2020

Phyllis Clark: Silk Stockings and Stilettos--September 2020

Phyllis Clark: Dead For Christmas--September 2020

Phyllis Clark: Devil’s Sun--February 2021

Phyllis Clark: Wedding Blues and Bullets--April 2021

Phyllis Clark: Murder and Other Parlor Games--July 2021

Phyllis Clark: 13-- July 2021

Phyllis Clark; Misdirection-- September 2021

Phyllis Clark: Valentine's Kiss--September 2021

Phyllis Clark; Helen's Cross--November 2021

Phyllis Clark; Forged in Fire--November 2021

Phyllis Clark; Riddled With Bullets--august 2022

Phyllis Clark; The Third Eye--August 2022

Phyllis Clark; Sunday Afternoon in the Park--August 2022

Phyllis Clark; King Solomon's Ring--October 2022

Phyllis Clark, G.M. in the PM--October 2022

Phyllis Clark; God's Work--September 14, 2023

Phyllis Clark; Brain Game--April, 2024

Professor Henry Weatherby, PhD.; Legend of the Devil's Scepter and other Devilish Delights*


Warrior / Tech Support Series

Warriors of the Blood Feather--September 2018

Tech Support--April 2019

Tech Support 2 – To Kill a Pope--July 2020

Tech Support 3 – A Personal Matter--May 2021


Stitch in Time Series

Stitch in Time--July 2020

Stitch A Hole in Time--April 2021

Stitch the Vortex*


Adventures of Nerdeldinger Series

Nerdeldinger’s First Adventure--September 2018

Nerdeldinger’s Christmas Adventure-- October 2019


Non Series Books

Craig and the Pooka--January 2021

The Wizard of Andranicus--January 2021

Year of the Lord -- October 2023

When I Was a Kid *

Stirred by an Angel *


* These books are in the works and at various stages of completion.

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