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Non Series Books

The Wizard of Andranicus​

A simple farmer is forced to flee his home to become a wanderer. On his journeys, he finds an old book and a ring in the hollow of a tree. After placing the ring on his finger, he finds that he can read the book. It is a wizard’s book, and it forever changes his life. After helping to save the Kingdom of Elves, he returns home to confront the man who drove him away from his home.
Published January 2021.
Goodreads rating: 5 stars (It was amazing)

Craig and the Pooka

Craig is a shy high school wrestler who never gets the girl.  But that changes when one night he gets drunk and runs into a mythical creature called a Pooka.  With the help of his new friend, he wins money in Las Vegas, learns to dance, and to speak Irish.  He also wins the love of the girl that he's always had a crush on.
Published January 2021
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