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A Word From The Author

October 18, 2023

Most of you know that I love Christmas.  Because of this fact each year I try to get out at least one Christmas book.  This year there are two!  Yes, as promised in the posting below, two Christmas books.  I really did it!  It even surprises me.  Last posting was the first time that I mentioned Year of the Lord.  Until that time I wasn't sure that it would ever come to be.  I've actually been considering it for many years.  I've even worked on it, on and off for some time.  I wanted it to be somewhat historically correct and Biblically correct and yet have some romantic feel to it.  It hasn't been easy.  There is not much reliable information written about Mary and Joseph's romance and marriage.  The Bible is sketchy about it at best.  They must have loved each other a great deal.  They faced death together.  The church elders of the time would have happily stoned both of them; Mary for getting pregnant before being wed, and Joseph for supporting her.  Likewise King Herod would have joyfully killed everyone connected with the promised Messiah.   Not only is this the story of the dawn of salvation, but it is the greatest love story ever.  The love between two people and the love between God and His entire creation.

It's a short story, so you can settle back and brink some hot chocolate and read it to yourself. your children or grandchildren.  After all this is the reason for the season.

Merry Christmas.     

September 14, 2023

It seems like I'm always apologizing for how long it takes me to finish and release my books.

So, yes, once again, I am sorry for the delay in releasing  these two new books.

For all those Phyllis Clark Detective Series fans, I have released Phyllis Clark, God's Work.

And for those of you who are fans of the Old Candle Shop, we have The Old Candle Shop 6; Riegert's Regrets.   For those of you who are waiting for this year's Christmas book, this is one of them.


I said one of them.  There will be two this year.

The Old Candle Shop 6, Riegert's Regrets


Year of the Lord

We are currently working hard editing the ultimate Christmas book, a book about that very first Christmas.  It is a "romanticized" version of what occurred surrounding the birth of Jesus.

Consulting various historical and biblical writings along with traditional concepts and some suppositions on my part, based on what I have read about the way people acted and felt in those days.  I have been looking forward to writing this book for a long time now.  In fact, I have been working on it for several years.  It's not inspired by God, but it is interesting and I hope that you will like it.   

May 12, 2023
I just recieved news that AbeBooks United Kingdom  has rated 18 of my books with 5 stars and 5 of my books with 4 stars.
In addition Goodreads has given 8 of my books 5 stars, one 4.67 stars, 2 books 4.5, one book 4 stars, and 3 books 3 star ratings.
These rating have been added to the sections on the books.
Goodreads rates me as a 4.55 star author.
Five stars is the highest rating.
This is humbling!

October 22, 2022

Well, I didn't quite get Phyllis Clark and King Solomon's Ring out as quickly as I had hoped, but I did get Phyllis Clark: GM in the PM out in time for Christmas.  Sorry to all those Halloween lovers, but you'll have to read Doctor Henry Weatherby's History of the Devil and other Devilish Delights next Halloween, or maybe for Valentine's day.  Valentine's day was always scary when I was a kid!  I never knew what hell my girlfriend back then would inflict on me if I didn't get her exactly what she wanted.  Cheryl in the book I Never Loved Cheryl (Joy in Life number 4) is based on that girl.

Anyway, you now have two new Phyllis Clark books to read and, I hope, enjoy.

I don't think that I'll have any more books out this year, but should be ready early next year.

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year

and to all, good reading.  

August 13th, 2022

Once again I find myself saying that I'm sorry for not posting anything for far too long, over three months.  However, I hope that it has been worth the wait, since during that time I finished several books, got them copyrighted, (yes copyrighted is the correct word) and released three this week.  Do I hear some fans jumping for joy???

Of course, I did say that it would only take me two months, so I guess that I can't be trusted after all.

As you must have noticed, this brings the Phyllis Clark series to 20 books and my overall total to 40 books.  Even I don't believe it!  I intend to get Phyllis Clark and King Solomon's Ring out this coming week.  I will get Phyllis Clark: GM in the PM out in time for Christmas.  Doctor Henry Weatherby's History of the Devil and other Devilish Delights I will attempt to have ready in time for Halloween, for those who give Halloween gifts, or just like a ghoulish read for Halloween.

Will try to do better at keeping my word.

Yours, A. P. Dunar


May 8th, 2022

It's been too long since the last time that I posted anything new.  I have been working on a few books.  As you know, I work on several books at once.  I don't understand how a person can write a book from beginning to end without getting distracted by some other ideas.

I also don't understand how no one has gone crazy during the process of copyrighting and submission for publication.  Perhaps this is why authors, over the years, are notorious for being drunks.  This is not fun!!  In fact, I love everything about writing except those two things.

However, this being said, I will be releasing several new books over the next two months.


I also would like to thank The Blue Blood Book Club of Chicago one more time for their wonderful gift.

And to all my family members, I'm so sorry for all the texting about what's going on in my world.

Love you all.

A. P.

November 30th, 2021

As another year comes to a close I want to whist all my fans, friends and family Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

It's been a much better year for most of us and here's hoping that 2022 is even better.

I'm sorry that I fell a little behind in this section, but I was busy writing books.  After all, that's what I do.  Thank you all for reading them.

I also want to thank you for all the E-mail and other comments. 

October 5th, 2021

It always excites me when a new book gets released.  This brings the count to 34 in all.  We are working hard to get two more Phyllis Clark books out before Christmas.  Maybe three???

Phyllis Clark, Misdirection I have listed as a Christmas book although it is mostly before Christmas.  It starts out with a mass murder in front of the State Street door of one of Chicago's biggest department stores.  What better way to start the Christmas shopping season?  I hope that you'll have fun reading it as well as the others.

The "dream girl" in Candle Shop 5 is more or less a "Phyllis Clark" type of detective, so Phyllis Clark fans should get a kick out of this.  And I know that some one will ask me if I'm in love with Phyllis Clark?  Yes, I love all the money that she's made me!

April 23rd, 2021

Yes, today I release two more books!  I've fell behind last month when I didn't release any.  So sorry!  But the reason was because I was working on two more Phyllis Clark books.  You really should checkout the Photo gallery section of this website from time to time.

February 25th, 2021

As of today Phyllis Clark: Devil's Sun is available at Amazon.  This is the tenth in the Phyllis Clark series.  According to my editor and test readers, this is the best Phyllis Clark book ever!

Coming soon Tech Support 3, A Personal Matter.

January 24th, 2021

We begin this new year with the release of two new books; The Wizard of Andranicus and Craig and the Pooka.  It is my intent to release one Phyllis Clark book each month for the next three months.  Hopefully there will be one book a month all year.

October 9th, 2020

Today my twenty-forth book is available at Amazon. Adonai, The Old Candle Shop 4 is a book that I am particularly proud of. I wanted to write a book that had strong religious overtones, and this is the one. I feel that this an excellent Christmas book. Christmas is a time when people tend to look at what they believe and what they want to believe. For so many this time of year has become the same as it is for Carter Henderson.

Most of the words that are spoken by Adonai in the candle’s visions are right from the Bible. I feel that this is what makes this book special. I hope that you agree with me and enjoy my humble offering.

As always,


September 25, 2020

I guess that it was time for change!  It had gotten to a point where I couldn't do anything new on the old website, so we updated.  Don't know if this is better, but it had to be done.  I hope that this is more  organized for you.  I have added a few new features.

Of interest, I have just released three new books, as you can see listed on the home page.

As before the people at Amazon tell me that most of my books are available at other fine stores, including:



Chris's Bargains

Firehouse Liquidations

Super Star Sellers

Blackwell's United Kingdom

I can't believe it myself !!!


March 25, 2020

Today we release two more of my books. It's not very big news, as if it ever was! However, it's a time when people are sitting around being worried. Perhaps reading a book, anyone's book, can take your mind off things for an instant. So many times people have turned to reading to be taken to a different place or time. It would please me very much if my books could help you, in the smallest of ways, to get through this hard time.

God bless all of you all over the world.


October 21,2019

Yes! I have been busy.

Contrary to popular opinion, I don't sit around drinking beer all day. I do write! So far this year I have released five books:

Tech Support

Kathy's Dream; The Old Candle Shop Two

Nerdeldinger's Christmas Adventure

Phyllis Clark and the Teacher's Pet

Phyllis Clark and the Demon's Christmas

These are all available at Amazon in print and on Kindle.

Hopefully, they will also be offered by some other book stores soon.

In addition to all of the above, as you can see,I have four more Phyllis Clark books nearly ready, A Taste of Brandy, and Stitch in Time are close to finished also. Yes, four more Phyllis Clark books, I have added: Phyllis Clark and the Demon Cult and Phyllis Clark; Posies and Pistols. In Addition there is a new Old Candle Shop, Magic on the way. I am also trying my hand at a fantasy adventure The Wizard of Andranicus.

It also looks like we are going to have Tech Support Two: To Kill a Pope on the way.

I hope that those of you that have been asking me for more books will be happy with what I have released this year. Also, what is in the works.

As Always Yours,

A. P.


October 21, 2019

A Taste of Brandy

Coming sometime in 2020

Those of you who know me will remember me saying that I was done with the Joy in Life series. Actually, I said that I was sick and tired of Doc and Candy! Well never say never. As I was clearing out old notes that I had written during the course of writing the four books, it became obvious that there was a lot of material that I had not included in them. It was mostly about Brandy, who I think is a great character. My Wife hates her!!! I never really developed her as well as she deserved. My wife will role her eyes when she reads this. To do so would have taken the story way off on a tangent. I like to keep my books short and direct. They’re supposed to be fun! At any rate, I’m sitting here with eighty-five disconnected pages about Brandy. That’s nearly a full book! So, now we have book five, A Taste of Brandy. The Last? Who knows, certainly not me!


A. P.



Shannon's out and Cheryl's in!

If you've been following me you probably have noticed that

I Never Loved Shannon has disappeared. That's not because I decided that I did indeed love Shannon! I did not! In fact there is no Shannon, I write fiction, remember. The reason for its disappearance is that the book became I Never Loved Cheryl. After several "test" readings it became obvious that the people in this book were very much like some of the ones in the Joy in Life trilogy. In fact, the central character of this book is drawn from the same person that Doc Donavan comes from, and the Decker Brothers are an important part of this book also. Some of the events alluded to in Sweeter than Candy, book three of the trilogy, are covered in detail in this book. Taking all this into account, it seemed as if this could make a nice prequel to the trilogy. After looking it over, I had to agree with the test readers. With very little change, it would indeed work as a prequel. And so we now have a series, not a trilogy, and I Never Loved Cheryl. Forget about Shannon, she was Milo's first girlfriend anyway.


A. P.

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