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About the author:

Over the past forty-five years I have worked as an elementary school teacher and principal, a college teacher and administrator, a football and hockey trainer,

a high school football coach, a videographer, and a few other things that

I'd rather not talk about. One thing that has always stayed the same

is my love for story telling. I'm sure that this is much to the chagrin

of my wife and sons. They have heard these stories hundreds of times

and must be sick of them. However, whenever I tell "new" people my tall tales,

they seem amused. Sometimes they ask me to tell their friends the story.

I assume that the people are friends. Perhaps, they are people that they

hate and want to get even with. I'd never thought of that before! Oh crap!!

This could all be in vain!

A lot of old friends ask me when they will be seeing a book with my name on it,

other than the phone book.

Some people will say anything to keep on your good side.

Well, I'm calling their bluff! This is it put-up or shut-up!

Seriously, I want of thank all my friends for listening and encouraging me

for so very long. You're all great! I want to especially thank my wife for putting

up with me since eighth grade. (She wasn't my wife back then!)

All the romance, such as it is, in all my books has been inspired by her.

Every one of the sweet, kind, clever, smart, and beautiful girls in my

books are all drawn from her.

I won't tell where all the sick, nasty psychopaths come from.

I hope you enjoy reading my stories as much as I enjoy telling them.

A.P. Dunar

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