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Warrior/Tech Support Series

All of the Tech Support books are prequels to Warriors of the Blood Feather.

In "Warriors" we find Rear Admiral Matthew Douglas at the end of his long career, thinking about retiring.  In Tech Support we go back to the very beginning and to find out how it all started.  The subsequent books follow his years of serviced in Naval Intelligence.


Warriors of the Blood Feather

A spy thriller drawn from today's headlines.

Released September 2018
After a commuter train collides with a Freight train, Naval intelligence officers find out that it was an act of domestic terrorism. Over the next seven years they uncover many such acts by the same group. Finally, one of the terrorists makes a mistake which takes down the nationwide network. The story comes to a climax as Naval intelligence officers race with time to stop a terrorist from bombing an Amtrak train containing 350 passengers including a senator, a general, a millionaire, and their wives.
AbeBooks rating: 5 star

Tech Support

Released April 2019

This book highlights Rear Admiral Mathew Douglas as a young officer serving in Naval Intelligence during the cold war days. Matt Douglas is recruited to serve as a technical support technician. He builds, installs and maintains “bugs”. One evening he is pressed into service saving the life of a Russian defector. He reluctantly finds himself becoming more and more often used in the role of a field agent. Matt eventually finds himself serving with a special unit made up of CIA, FBI and U. S. Marshals during the 1968 Chicago Democratic National Convention. The unit uncovers a Russian plot to supply guns to the convention protesters.

AbeBooks rating: 4 stars

Goodreads rating: 5 stars (It was amazing)

Tech ​Support 2

To Kill a Pope

Released July 2020

Cardinal Karol Wojtyla visited America twice before he became Pope John Paul 2. He made many friends and thousands of fans on those trips. He also made enemies of Communists and Nazis because of his strong opposition to what they stood for.

In 1976 he returned to America as the first non-Italian Pope of the Catholic Church in 400 years. During this trip Matt Douglas and his group uncover a plot to kill Pope John Paul the second.

Is it the Nazis, Russians or members of his own Church? Naval Intelligence works overtime to find out and keep him alive.

Goodreads rating: 4.5 stars

Tech Support 3

A Personal Matter

Released May 2021
In this edition of Tech Support Commander Matthew Douglas takes time off for a personal matter. The daughters of old friends have been kidnapped and he flys to Chicago to help find the girls. He soon finds out that there is more at play than a simple kidnapping.
AbeBooks rating: 5 star
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