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Year of the Lord

It’s the year 3754 by the old Hebrew calendar as the Magi cast their eyes to the sky to see the announcement of the coming birth of a king.  In this romanticized account of the birth of Jesus, we get a feel for the lives of those who lived the event that forever changed our world.  Although this is a fictional account about Mary and Joseph, and the people of that time, it is based on the historical and Biblical writings concerning one possible timeline.  This story’s events stay true to the events as described in the Bible.

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Phyllis Clark;
God's Work

In the 23rd Phyllis Clark Book: The Clarks struggle to get the new computer working.

The Chicago police track the return of a serial killer.

The devil shows up in the Communion line at Saint Michael's Church in Old Town.

And two Nuns ask Benjamin and Duck to find a former prostitute who's gone missing from their homeless shelter.

Riegert's Regrets
The Old Candle Shop 6

Released September 14, 2023

The Past and the future collide when billionaire J. Orlando Riegert returns home to the Village to find out why all his money leaves him unsatisfied.  This is the sixth, and perhaps strangest of all the Candle Shop stories.

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