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Fan Clubs and Special Interest

I want to thank all my fans, everywhere, for their kind words and support.

And I am especially indebted to those book clubs and fan clubs who go the extra mile and feel the need to do something special for me, believe me, just buying my books is enough.

However, I do love the kind gifts and thank you all very much.

It is indeed most humbling and brings a tear to my eye every time I open one.

Once again Thank you.

A. P. Dunar 

Millbrook Mystery Book Club

of Millbrook, New York

has sent me a plaque of all the badges of the units present in 1968 at Chicago Comcon.

In My book Tech Support (April 2019), after killing Russian KGB assassin Dominick Demetrious, Lieutenant (Junior Grade) Janeen Maxwell and Lieutenant (Junior Grade) Matt Douglas are assigned to Chicago Comcon.

Chicago Comcon was front for a collection of intelligence units monitoring organizations that were planning violent protests at the 1968 Democratic National Convention in Chicago.

Present at Chicago Comcon were; CIA, NSA, FBI, ATF, United States Marshals and Naval Intelligence.

This plaque, below, commemorates these units.

Thank you very much, Millbrook Mystery Book Fan Club.

Chicago Police detective badge


The Blue Book Club of Chicago

The Chicago police department detective badge given to me is meaningful to me for many reasons. First of all, I grew up in Chicago. Secondly, The Tech Support Book Series is centered around Chicago. Thirdly, the Joy in Life Series is centered in Chicago. Fourthly, and probably most pertinent, the Phyllis Clark Detective Series is centered around Chicago, except for Phyllis Clark and the Devil's Scepter, Phyllis Clark and the Demon Cult and the second half of Phyllis Clark; Murder and Other Parlor Games. In addition, Phyllis' grandfather, Phillip, was once a Chicago Police Detective, and her Godfather, Captain Sean O'Malley is the senior robbery/homicide detective for the Chicago Police Department.

Interpol Badge given by Blackwell's Brentwood Book Club

The Interpol badge given to me by the Blackwell's Brentwood Book Club, Essex, England is a meaningful addition to my budding collection.  It is so, because it is the badge that Brother Volker would carry. Bother Volker is a recurring character in the Phyllis Clark Detective Series. Brother Clouse Volker is a Catholic Monk and Swiss Templar Knight. He is also an Interpol Inspector who serves with the Vatican Police and shows up now and then in several of the Phyllis Clark books.

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