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The Old Candle Shop Series

There is a mall in a village in northern Illinois where a strange candle shop exists.  When people look into the candles the scene becomes real and changes their lives. 


The Old Candle Shop
Released September 2019
After eight years a special forces sailor returns to the town that he couldn't wait to leave.  He is haunted by the death of the girl that he secretly loved.  He blames himself for her death.  In his search for closure he enters the candle shop and finds himself transported back to the day of her death.  Can he save her this time?  Can he find peace?
AbeBooks rating: 5 stars
Goodreads rating: 5 stars (It was amazing)

Kathy's Dream

The Old Candle Shop 2

Released October 2019
An elementary school teacher, disturbed by dreams of her dead brother claiming to be visiting her from heaven, seeks professional help.  On the way to her therapist's office she wanders into the old candle shop, which results in her life being forever changed.
AbeBooks rating: 4 star
Goodreads rating: 5 stars (It was amazing)


The Old Candle Shop 3

Released July 2020
As Christmas is on it's way, five year old Alan looks into one of the candles in the Old Candle Shop.  He sees a young girl ice skating.  He is shocked as she waves to him.  Each time he returns to the shop, he sees her in the candle.  This image follows him into his adult life.  Is she Magic?
Goodreads rating: 3.0

Released October 2020

Carter Henderson is the manager of the Old Village Mall.

In some ways he is a Scrooge like man. He does, however,

take part in Christmas, but only because of its financial benefits. He’s basically happy with his life until one night the ghost of his great grandfather visits him.

Seeking advice from people at Peter’s Pub, he is told to go to the old candle shop for answers. When he walks into the back room of the Candle Shop and finds a candle that has a

moonlit night scene in it, he is mystically drawn into the candle’s scene. He finds that he is still in the same location,

but he has been transported back in time to the dawn of creation. Very confused, he is now met by the shop’s owner, Adonai. He eventually understands the advice of his great grandfather and reappraises his life. This is not a retelling of Dickens’ Christmas Carol, but rather, a totally new story with a host Biblical references.

Goodreads rating: 3.0

Adonai,The Old Candle Shop 4


The Old Candle Shop


Dream Girls


Released September 2021
A. P. Dunar combines his fantasy and mystery series in this book when a mystery writer comes home to the Village to do a book reading. Nick Finnegan is a writer who finds it more and more difficult to distinguish between his books and reality. Nick is secretly in love with the fictional heroine of his stories. Once in the Candle Shop, he looks into a candle and finds himself in one of his own mystery books, confronted by his “Phyllis Clark” type heroine.
AbeBooks rating: 5 stars

Riegert's Regrets
The Old Candle Shop 6

The past and the future collide when billionaire J. Orlando Riegert returns home to the Village to find out why all his money leaves him unsatisfied.

The sixth, and perhaps strangest of all the Old Candle Shop stories

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